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Soul Food Mexico represents not only the rich culinary traditions of Mexico, but also what we consider the soul - the heritage, the culture, and the nature. Apart from our culinary vacation packages, we offer our guests one of a kind experiences, connecting visitors with an authentic, profound Mexico through incredible archaeological discoveries, the preservation of cultural practices and festivities, and harmony with the natural world. 


Below are only some of the destinations we offer our guests. With any questions, or to design a vacation which best meets your needs and interests, please contact us!


We never cease to be amazed by the abundant cultural richness of Mexico, and we will be honored to share our favorite spots and holidays with you.

Hikes and walks

La Malinche

The incredible woman for whose sake Tlaxcaltecans have their national reputation, and a challenging, all-day hike with rewarding views of the entire Altiplano. This is a national park, also offering moderate walks for those interested in exploring the area.


A short but rigorous hike, Cuatlapanga was an accomplished warrior and lover of la Malinche, according to local legend. This hike snakes steeply uphill past various altars, arriving at a small chapel and beautiful views at the summit.

The Huamantlada

If you are able to join us during the month of August, we will take you to the month-long fair of Huamantla, a Pueblo Magico, which has taken its celebration of its Patroness, la Virgen de la Caridad, to the next level. Every year for la noche que nadie duerme (the night that no one sleeps), Huamantla comes alive with color and texture as the local alfombristas decorate the main streets of the town with these colorful offerings to the Virgin. Around 1 am on this night, the image of the Virgin begins her procession through the streets of Huamantla, blessing and destroying the ephemeral works of art as she goes.


For the more adventurous crowd, the Huamantlada also includes the running of the bulls, a Mexican replica of the famous festival in Pamplona, Spain.

Dia de los Muertos

Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is one of the largest and oldest holidays in Mexico. Dia de los Muertos today demonstrates the merging of Catholic, Spanish culture with indigenous, prehispanic rituals and traditions honoring ancestors as well as recently lost loved ones. 


Guests who join us from October 28 - November 2 will be able to experience the entire celebration, learn the significance of each day of the festival, its traditions, and its delicious food, as well as lend a hand in constructing the hacienda's altar.


Cantona is a wildly surprising archaeological site located 45 minutes from the hacienda. Cantona was a populous and successful city from approximately 600 BC until 1000 AD, substantially pre-dating the Aztec empire, and was one of the most urbanized cities in Mexico's prehispanic period. Highlights from a day of exploring Cantona include marveling at the city's organization, learning about their obsidian trade, the cult of fertility, early football (soccer), and marveling at the sheer scale of the city. To date, only an estimated 2% of the original city structure has been restored!


Visit Tzompanteec, one of the oldest towns in Tlaxcala, to learn more about Tlaxcallan heritage, tradition, and history, and to visit with incredible artisans working with barro - clay dug from their own backyards.


Malinalco is another Pueblo Magico, and is a fantastic overnight destination for those interested in more archaeological sites and the eclectic charm of a small tourist town, mostly frequented by folks living in the nearby cities looking for a weekend getaway. Malinalco is home to incredible hikes, great food and lodging options, and a peek at what was once the home of the Aztec military elites; the Eagle and Jaguar warriors. The main archaeological attraction is the Cuauhcalli, or House of the Eagles, dating from 1501 and famous for being carved directly into the face of the rock, similar to Petra in Jordan.

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